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Bill Bennett's Morning in America When you're looking for engaging, entertaining and informative talk programs, look no further than SRN Talk. SRN Talk produces a wide range of talk shows to enliven both general market and Christian-formatted news/talk programming.

For a lively and conservative take on politics, current events, religion and pop culture, check out SRN Talk show hosts Bill Bennett, Mike Gallager, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt and Steve Brown. SRN Talk provides 15 hours of new programming daily on the XDS satellite system.

For the Christian talk format, The Janet Mefferd Show offers opinions on the issues of the day from a distinctively Biblical world view and is devoted to engaging contemporary culture with the biblical truth. Your Christian station doesn't need to lose listeners to secular talk shows any longer. With SRN Christian Talk programming, you're assured of nationally prominent hosts, interesting guests and topical content that will attract and keep listeners for years to come. SRN Christian Talk is the perfect programming complement to teaching ministries.

Janet Parshall's America The Janet Mefferd Show
The Mike Gallagher Show The Cal Thomas Commentary The Cal Thomas Commentary
The Dennis Prager Show Richard Land Live! Richard Land Live!
The Michael Medved Show The Michael Medved Show Armed American Radio
The Hugh Hewitt Show The Dirt Doctor The Dirt Doctor
Steve Brown Etc. Alan Warren Outdoors
    The Forever Young Radio Show The Forever Young Radio Show    

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