The Forever Young Radio Show

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The Forever Young Radio Show

Health Educator and Clinical Nutritionist, Karen Masterson Koch loves talking health and wellness! With over 25 years of experience, Karen is guaranteed to impress your listeners with her simplicity of sharing her knowledge and understanding of how the body works.

While studying nutrition at San Diego State University, Karen graduated from the accredited American Academy of Nutrition with special honors. Karenís work experience in San Diego has varied from medical clinics to chiropractic offices to acupuncture centers including the world re-known Livingston Clinic.

Karen has taught and lectured at Cancer Programs, 12 Step Groups for Addiction, Veterans Programs, S.D. Dietitianís, along with HIV Support Groups. "Complimentary Health" practices are always a good choice with any type of health challenges including mental and physical. Health goes hand in hand with responsible pharmaceutical drugs as needed.
Karen has spent years studying food, herbs and supplements that enhance the daily diet and actually reverse diseases.

After developing a successful line of therapeutic Aloe Vera products in 1991 called Aloe Life International, Karen was able to begin travels outside of San Diego throughout the US and abroad educating along the way.

In 2005, Karen became the host of The Forever Young Radio Show in San Diego. In February, 2009, Salem Radio Network has taken The Forever Young Radio Show nationwide through a syndication partnership.

For more information on The Forever Young Radio Show, contact SRN affiliate services at 972-831-1920.

Program Information

AMC-8, Starguide III Receiver

AMC-3, Unity 4000 Receiver

Available on a market-exclusive, barter basis

6 minutes national barter

8 minutes available for local insertion

For more details and demo information...
Call SRN Affiliate Relations at 972-831-1920

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