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Alan Warren, Host of Alan Warren Outdoors

Alan Warren is a life-long sportsman and, with nearly 30 years of full-time media experience, one of the country's best known outdoor personalities.

The long-running Alan Warren Outdoors TV Show currently reaches into 24 million households via the Pursuit Channel and has been hailed as "TV's Most Entertaining Outdoor Show".

Now, Alan Warren is unleashing his experience, passion, humor and unapologetically-conservative opinions to create "Radio's Most Entertaining Outdoor Show".

A bold claim, but Alan has recognized a void in the marketplace and is determined to fill it.

Though locally produced outdoor radio programs tend to be popular with listeners and advertisers wanting to reach these listeners, few markets can justify the expense and trouble of making such shows available.

And while there are a number of nationally syndicated programs available, most focus exclusively on such high-level issues that they lack the "local touch" that make outdoor programs so popular with listeners and advertisers.

Also, most of these programs are pre-recorded so they also lack the sense of immediacy and community that live call-in shows can offer.

Enter, the nationally syndicated, affiliate-friendly, Alan Warren Outdoors Radio Show. Broadcast live every Saturday morning from 5:00 to 7:00 am Central Time - "Drive Time" for outdoor enthusiasts - the Alan Warren Outdoors Radio Show turns what many stations consider a "throw away" time slot into a money-maker.

Each week, Alan and his guests discuss issues of national, regional and even local importance to outdoor enthusiasts all across the country. And since the show airs live, it offers listeners in every market to call in and participate.

Far more than an "outdoor show", the Alan Warren Outdoors Radio Show tackles issues that are not only of interest to the 80 million folks who already fish, camp, and hunt, but also to the swelling ranks of grass-roots Americans who are returning to Nature and outdoor activities during these challenging economic times.

With a unique blend of common sense, passion, opinion, and humor, Alan uses the outdoors as a "launching pad" to speak directly to the passions, interests and concerns of millions of Americans in a way your listeners can't find anywhere else.

To his fans, Alan Warren is a knowledgeable outdoorsman, passionate advocate of Outdoor Education for today's Youth, and a consummate entertainer. But to many behind the scenes, he's known as a "marketing genius".

In his nearly 30 years in the outdoor entertainment business, Alan has spearheaded and/or participated in countless innovative marketing efforts. He created and hosted The Chevy Sportsman TV Show and produced the first-ever television focus group to highlight a Chevrolet concept vehicle. He conceived and produced a pilot program called "The Walmart Outdoor Network" in the early 90's, years before in-store television networks became commonplace. He's also worked with some of the country's largest corporations to help them reach the angler/hunter demographic.

In addition to hosting his own television programs for nearly 30 years, Alan has also personally produced, sold and syndicated them. Using this unique combination of experience on both sides of the public eye, Alan has created the Alan Warren Outdoors Radio Show to be a popular, profitable and painless addition to any market looking to tap into the outdoor demographic.

The synergy Alan is creating by merging television, radio, public appearances and an ever-growing social media presence promises to make the Alan Warren Outdoors Radio Show a force to be reckoned with. If your listeners already love the outdoors, they'll love this show. If they don't already love the outdoors, once they begin listening tune to "Radio's Most Entertaining Outdoor Show", they will.

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AMC-8 Satellite, XDS and Starguide III Receiver

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